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Democratic District Leader ARI KAGAN. Report to the Residents of the 45th Assembly District. 2018-2019

Thanks to the strong support from so many of his constituents, Ari Kagan has continued his work at the unpaid position of State Committeeman/District Leader in the 45th AD. His main goals are improving the quality of life for local residents, supporting credible hard working Democratic candidates for various political positions and bringing communities together.

Working with his co-leader and State Committeewoman Margarita Kagan (no relation to Ari Kagan), he expanded the strong and diverse local Democratic Club – Bay Democrats. With club headquarters purposely and conveniently located at the center of the District (2508 Coney Island Avenue, 2nd floor, corner of Avenue V, Brooklyn, NY 11223; Tel: 1-646-797-6552, ), Bay Democrats has become a unifying and influential force in Southern Brooklyn. Club volunteers collected thousands of valid Democratic signatures under petitions for endorsed candidates, registered hundreds of new voters, supported important local non-for-profit organizations, played an instrumental role in electing and re-electing several candidates.

Margarita Kagan and Ari Kagan
present Community Service Award
to Betty James,
Marlboro Resident Association

In 2018, District Leader Margarita Kagan was re-elected with impressive 69% of votes. Bay Democrats, Ari Kagan and Margarita Kagan were proud to help in the elections of Congress members Mark Rose and Yvette Clarke, supported the election of State Senators Diane Savino and Andrew Gounardes, Assembly member Mathylde Frontus, Council member Farah Louis, Civil Court Judges Gina Levy, D. Bernadette Neckles, and many other candidates. The Bay Democrats club holds its meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m., inviting elected officials, professionals from different fields, speakers from non-for-profits and government agencies.

District Leaders Ari Kagan and Margarita Kagan created an atmosphere of unity and openness that attracts many prominent community leaders. All community members are always welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Ari Kagan speaks at
Councilman Chaim Deutsch’s Rally
against hate & anti-Semitism

Ari Kagan is very concerned about the dangerous increase of hate crimes in Brooklyn, including anti-Semitic incidents. Members of the Bay Democrats club, Margarita Kagan and Ari Kagan actively participated in the “Stop Hate Rally” in James Madison HS hosted by Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Chair of the Council’s Jewish Caucus. Ari Kagan invited community leaders from all over Southern Brooklyn to his unique TV forum “United We Stand” on Brooklyn Public TV Channel. Club members publicly condemned attacks on Jews, Christians and Muslims in NYC and around the world. Ari Kagan, Margarita Kagan and Bay Democrats donated their time and money to support many valuable organizations and important causes that bring communities together.

Brooklyn Streetcar Artists Group
fundraiser at APNA
Brooklyn Community Center

Among the organizations that were supported by Ari Kagan and his colleagues are our local police precinct councils, COJO of Flatbush, Masbia Soup Kitchen, APNA Brooklyn Community Center, Marlboro Resident Association, Ocean View Jewish Center, Young Israel of Kings Bay, Brooklyn Streetcar Artists Group, Shorefront Toys for Tots, Health Essential Association, Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Holocaust Memorial Committee, Brighton Neighborhood Association, Be Proud Foundation and OHEL.

District Leader Ari Kagan works closely with the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition and its leaders Chaskel Bennet, Josh Mehlman and Leon Goldenberg to support Israel, to help the neediest members of the community and to fight anti-Semitism. Together with Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Ari Kagan, a son of a Minsk ghetto survivor, promotes many initiatives to educate young generations about the horrors of the Holocaust.

With Lina Chen,
a leader in Asian American community,
at Lunar New Year celebration

At annual dinners of Bay Democrats, District Leaders Ari Kagan and Margarita Kagan honored leaders of the Pakistani American community Pervez Siddiqui and Shazia Wattoo, Marlboro Houses Resident Leader Betty James and Asian American community leaders Sam Tsang, Lina Chen and John Chan.

Ari Kagan strongly supported the hard work of Councilman Mark Treyger, Chair of Education Committee, to increase the number of social workers and guidance counselors in our public schools. Together with Assemblyman Bill Colton, Ari Kagan fought for the dramatic increase of programs for talented and gifted students and protecting the programs we already have.

With Congressman Max Rose and
Councilman Chaim Deutsch
at Bay Democrats Club
Ari Kagan with Josh Mehlman and
Leon Goldenberg from Flatbush JCC
With police officers and Kenan Tashkent
from 61st Precinct Council
at Sheepshead Bay Summer Stroll
Jewish Community Leadership Awards
to David Mandell (OHEL),
Larry Spiewak (COJO of Flatbush) and
Rabbi Heller (Chabad of Bushwick)

Democratic District Leader Ari Kagan Deserves Our Support!
Paid for by Friends of Ari Kagan-2012


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