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Bay Democrats Jewish Community Leadership Awards

Donations Made to the Organizations,
Plaques Presented to the Leaders

Bay Democrats, under the leadership of Democratic District Leaders Ari Kagan and Rita Kagan (45th AD), honored our community’s Jewish leaders with plaques and donations to their organizations, Thursday evening, March 15th 2018.

Joined by Councilmen Chaim Deutsch (48th CD) and Kalman Yeger (44th CD), neighboring Democratic District Leaders David Shwartz (48th AD) and Jacob Gold (44th AD) and community leaders including Flatbush Shomrim’s Coordinator, Bob Moskowitz, and the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition’s Chair, Josh Mehlman, Ari Kagan highlighted the community benefitting efforts of:

• Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director, Masbia of Flatbush (Charitable Soup Kitchen serving 1,500 Midwood families on a regular basis)

• Rabbi Melvin I. Burg, Spiritual Leader of the Ocean Avenue Jewish Center (95-year old Orthodox congregation), Executive Vice President, Rabbinical Board of Flatbush

• Rabbi Benzion Laskin, Spiritual Leader of the Ocean View Jewish Center (3100 Brighton 4th Street), Director of the Annual Russian Shabbaton, Program Director CHAMAH (a 65-year old International Charitable Jewish Organization)

• Rebbetzin Pearl Burg, Ocean Avenue Jewish Center, former District Manager, Community Board 15, former Democratic District Leader, 45th Assembly District

“Bay Democrats’ mandate is to work hard to benefit our community. This means much more than simply electing candidates to office. Over the past four years we have dedicated our club’s resources to also helping organizations that directly serve our neighbors,” Ari Kagan explained.

“Tonight’s ceremony says thank you, the community appreciates your efforts, a job well done and Bay Democrats pledges to continue to work with you to make our community an even better place in which to live,” Kagan added.

Over 50 community and club members participated in the ceremony enjoying a Kosher spread, prepared by Eat N' Run Café, before the ceremony began.

Ari Kagan
Margarita Kagan
Democratic District Leaders

Honorees displaying their awards
Rebbetzin Pearl Burg,
Rabbi Melvin I. Burg,

Democratic District Leader
David Schwartz,

Democratic District Leader Ari Kagan,
Rabbi Benzion Laskin,
Alexander Rapaport,

Councilman Kalman Yeger
Honorees and community leaders
at the Bay Democrats
Local Jewish Leaders Awards Ceremony (L-R)
Rebbetzin Pearl Burg,
Rabbi Melvin I. Burg,
Democratic District Leader Ari Kagan,
District Leader David Schwartz,
Josh Mehlman, Rabbi Benzion Laskin,
Igor Galanter, Alexander Rapaport
Demortatic District Leader Ari Kagan
presenting a plaque and a check
to Masbia’s Alexander Rappaport
Democratic District Leader Ari Kagan
with Flatbush Shomrim’s Coordinator
Bob Moskowitz
and 44th AD Democratic District Leader
Jacob Gold.

Photos were taken by Alex Rozenberg.

Bay Democrats Present Jewish Community Leadership Awards


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