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Ari Kagan's community work covered by New York media

Council members Mark Treyger <br>(47th District), <br>Chaim Deutsch (48th District) <br>and District Leader Ari Kagan
Council members Mark Treyger
(47th District),
Chaim Deutsch (48th District)
and District Leader Ari Kagan

Ari Kagan's hard work as Community Liaison for City Comptroller Scott Stringer as well as his volunteer activities as Democratic District Leader in 45 A.D. are often covered by New York media outlets - kingscountypolitics, Bay News, Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn 12 News Channel, Canarise Courier, and many others.

Here are just some examples of this media coverage:

• Scott Stringer celebrates Polish heritage in Greenpoint

Stringer presented the Comptroller's commendations to Marzena Wojczulanis, board chair Polonians, a charitable group organized to minister to the Polish community; and to Artur Dybanowski, president of the Pulaski Association of Business & Professional Men.

Kagan said, “About 100 attendees enjoyed the warm atmosphere, tasty Polish cuisine and great music, as well as wonderful company of Polish-Americans from every age, income and profession.”

Comptroller Stringer celebrates Russian community in Brighton Beach

It was a beautiful night recognizing the Russian-speaking community, and everyone was honored to have the city’s top accountant as a guest — but it was also a wonderful evening with people of different backgrounds sharing a meal under one roof, said Stringer’s community liaison to the Russian-speaking community.

Devotion To Service And Safety Awarded At CEC Dinner

CEC22 President Dorothy Crawford emceed the ceremony, which was held at P.S. 194 Raoul Wallenberg School, 3117 Avenue W. Over 50 students and parents received certificates from Crawford. She also presented awards to State Senator Roxanne Persaud, Councilman Alan Maisel and Ari Kagan, who accepted on behalf of NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer. For CEC22’s efforts as well as the council’s Administrative Assistant Dervie Mapp and Superintendent Appointee Jovan Johnson, Kagan presented Crawford with a commendation and certificates to Mapp and Johnson from Stringer.

312 Hosts Dads Take Your Child To School Day

Hosted by Millennium Development, the event welcomed men to have breakfast with their children, have pictures taken together and get information from various city officials and sponsors. Councilman Alan Maisel, Ari Kagan, a representative for NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, and Mitchell Partnow, representing State Senator Roxanne Persaud, were among the guests.

Stringer Comes To Brighton Beach To Celebrate Heritage Of Russian Speaking Community

“For generations, Russian-speaking immigrants have come to our city, put down roots, and built up our neighborhoods. This community is a critical part of our City’s cultural fabric and economic success,” said Stringer, whose own grandparents came from the Ukraine and settled into the Bronx.

Southern Brooklyn’s Russian-speaking voters experience language, registration barriers

Democratic District Leader Ari Kagan told Coney Island News that Russian-speaking voters, many of whom resided within eastern Coney Island’s City Council district 48, sought his assistance on the day of the Sept. 12 primary because they were unable to receive translation services in Russian and, at times, saw their respective parties change without notice.

Aelita Social Club offers immigrants the opportunity to make new friends

"The Aelita Club unites people of different ages, religions and ethnicity,” Kagan told the Brooklyn Eagle. “Leonora has brought together both young and old. She finds talent in every person and has helped immigrants and seniors to overcome loneliness. Her energy, enthusiasm and generosity created the grassroots organization. I am very glad to support the Aelita Club.”

Woman founds club to encourage unity through art, culture

"A lot of people are feeling lonely sometimes. They don't know where to go,” said Ari Kagan, Democratic District Leader. “Sometimes it's a language barrier, sometimes they're shy and they don't know how to connect with other people."

Yoni Hikind Gets Key Endorsments, Locking In Russian Voter Bloc

Ari Kagan said he’s known Yoni Hikind for many years, and besides working with his father on issues important to Russian speaking Jews, he’s impressed with Yoni’s grassroots work in the community with local residents as a trained therapist and social worker.

Early Endorsements Could Score KO Win For Deutsch In Primary

“For many years, I have worked closely with Councilman Chaim Deutsch. We successfully partnered on important projects and events, including the Rally against Hate and Anti-Semitism, helping people with disabilities, supporting our law enforcement, making sure our streets and parks are clean and safe. It is important that we work together to unite the different communities in Southern Brooklyn. This is why I strongly endorse Chaim Deutsch for re-election,” said Ari Kagan.

Councilman Deutsch Backed by Leaders of Russian Community

In a press release Monday, Deutsch announced the support of Gregory Davidzon, who owns a popular radio station, and district leaders Ari Kagan and Margarita Kagan.

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