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Yom Hashoah Vigil in Manhattan. April 7, 2013

On Sunday, April 7, I attended the Yom Hashoah commemoration in Manhattan. More than 150 people participated in this event near Iranian mission at U.N. (622 3 Avenue, corner of East 40 Street).

People at this meeting talked about 6 mln. Jews killed during the Holocaust, protested nuclear armed Iran, expressed solidarity with Israel. This event was hosted by conservative Jewish activist Jeff Weisenfeld. It was attended by many Jewish, Christian and political leaders. Among speakers I would name Congressman Elliot Engel, Mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio and Eric Salgado, Executive Director of the American Zionist Organization Morton Klein, Rabbis Shlomo Nissanov and Avi Weiss.

The New York Association of Holocaust Survivors brought about 50 Russian Jews to this important commemoration. Radical sect Neturei Karta staged typical counterprotest across the street with Palestinian flags and signs against Israel and denigrating the Holocaust history.

Jeff Weisenfeld Holocaust survivors Michael Sirota,
Evgenya Zaturanskaya and
Nissim Tamam
holocaust6_300 holocaust5_300
 We Stand with Israel!
Neturei Karta


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