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Town Hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio at Sheepshead Bay

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, I attended Town Hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio at Sheepshead Bay - organized by Councilman Chaim Deutsch. There were many serious issues discussed - homelessness crisis, lack of preparedness for future natural disasters, over-development, problems with public transportation, school overcrowding, slow Sandy recovery, etc.

As Democratic District Leader, I was able to ask one question - about lack of affordable housing for seniors and middle class residents. While we see huge growth of homelessness and constant construction of new luxury condominiums in our area, people with low income and middle class can barely afford to stay in their homes. Mayor promised to invest almost $41 bln. in the construction of new affordable housing for 500,000 New Yorkers in the next five years. He wants to raise taxes on selling expensive homes to finance this initiative.

I also suggested that Mayor should visit Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Homecrest & Midwood much more often.

Anyway, many questions were asked, many issues were resolved on a spot. It was important and productive Town Hall. Translation to many languages, including Russian, was provided. Kudos to the office of Chaim Deutsch for a great work!

Watch the video of the entire Town Hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio at Sheepshead Bay. You can watch my question about affordability of life in Southern Brooklyn and NYC Mayor's answer - on 1:02:18. I attended this Town Hall as Democratic District Leader and expressed only my own personal opinion.

Ari Kagan
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