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Sophia Grojsman.The best perfume from the first nose of the world

Sophia Grossman is a very modest person. Sophia doesn't like compliments in public and she doesn't look like a wealthy woman. She wears fashionable but simple clothing. Sophia was born on March 8, also known as International Women's Day. She is famous, but is still unaccustomed to it.

Meet Sophia Grossman, the world-renowned perfume designer! Out of the thirty most popular aromas in the world, more than twenty were created by her. Trésor, Champagne, Eternity for Women, Magic, 360° (for women). She has even made the scent for the best-selling fabric softener Downy and created perfumes for the largest fragrance companies in the world, including Calvin Klein, Lancome, and Estee Lauder. She has also invented aromas for many celebrities, like Elizabeth Taylor, Laura Bush, and others.


Until recently, Sophia worked as a senior vice-president of International Flavors and Fragrances, one of the leaders of the perfume industry in the world. This company had been in business for over thirty years.

Now, Sophia works as a senior consultant for IFF special projects. Amazingly, Grossman-created fragrances are still the most popular all over the world, despite the economic crisis and changing culture. Her most famous fragrance, Tresor, is so popular, that Lancome has created variations of her aroma.

Newsweek , the New York Times, and other major newspapers and magazines have all published profiles of Sophia Grossman and praised her work in the perfume industry, calling her "The First Nose of America". She received numerous awards from the industry, winning many international contests among perfume designers from America, and Europe.


I am proud to call Sophia my friend and supporter. She gives me advice, donated money to my campaign for Assembly, and generously allowed my family to vacation in her condo in Florida.

With all her accomplishments, Sophia is still a very nice, kind, sincere person, and a caring daughter, sister and mother. She loves her family so much that she talks and thinks about them more than about herself. Her parents, Peter and Raisa, survived the Holocaust. Her father was a brave partisan during the Nazi occupation of Belarus. Born in the Belorussian city of Novogrudok, Sophia always admired her father for his heroism, kind heart, sense of humour and affection.

Grossman sponsored several books about the Holocaust in Belarus and some Holocaust memorial events.

Sophia loves Japanese restaurants, fancy boots, exotic haircuts, wooden pearls, and cats. She's very smart, and a generous woman with strong convictions. I'm blessed to know her, and her family.

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