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OBT. Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

This great citywide non-for-profit organization helps young students to find educational opportunities, jobs and path to the future successful career through free seminars, networking, lectures, job fairs and training classes.

I was privileged to be invited to one of the OBT unusual contests where these young people learned communication skills.

The contest took place at Brooklyn College and was a unique forum for the OBT participants to debate certain issues, to present their point of view and to promote their talents and abilities. The program’s CEO Randy Peers opened the contest and invited the audience to the interesting discussion about ambitions and talents.

Ari Kagan is addressing
OBT students
at Brooklyn College
Photo by Margarita Garelik

I was really impressed with the program. It teaches young people self-discipline, networking skills and creates great educational opportunities. On top of that, OBT pays participants a small stipend and provides with referral services. Many of its students are from disadvantaged families. Basically, acceptance to OBT for them is a winning ticket for a better future.

I was grateful to OBT President Randy Peers and to the Russian speaking job developer Margaret Garelik for the invitation to speak at the important contest in Brooklyn College where more than 200 youngsters demonstrated their communication skills.

There are four OBT locations in Brooklyn alone. If you need more info about the program, you can call (718)387-1600 or visit

Ari Kagan


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