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Israel is always in our hearts!

I was asked several times to express my opinion about the operation by IDF in Gaza. I am definitely pro-Israel and support Israel's right to defend itself from HAMAS missiles. Israel cannot stop this ground operation until it destroys every tunnel built by HAMAS with purpose to kill or abduct Israelis. Instead of building houses, schools, hospitals, HAMAS used cement and other constructing materials to build an extensive network of underground tunnels.

I do not see the current conflict as war between Israel and Arabs (in fact, many Arab states are happy to see Israel taking on HAMAS) or between Israel and Palestinian Arabs (Israel did not attack Ramallah). It is a war between internationally recognized terror group HAMAS and Israel. And, yes, there are civilian casualties - which is unfortunate and inevitable during any war. But the biggest picture is clear: Israel could not tolerate anymore constant missile attacks by HAMAS and use of these underground tunnels for murder and abduction.


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