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Ari Kagan is often interviewed by the leading American newspapers and TV channels. Here you can read his interviews and quotes from the New York Times, the Jewish Week. You can also watch his interviews to CUNY TV about local and national politics.

• Here Ari is talking on March 28, 2012 about Congressional redistricting and gerrymandering State Senate districts by Republicans. He also openly called Councilman Charles Barron "an enemy of State of Israel"  - long before the historical win of this Congressional race on June 26, 2012 by Democratic Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries.

Discussion starts on 13:30.

• Here Ari is talking about election of Republican Bob Turner to the United States Congress from Southern Brooklyn and Central Queens. This show was aired on October 5, 2011.

• Here Ari Kagan is discussing Presidential race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain on October 8, 2008. Watch him in a segment on 8th minute.

• The Jewish Week quotes Ari Kagan in 2011 - about Russian Dolls series.

Ari Kagan, a Russian-language journalist and political activist, who narrowly lost a race for New York State Assembly in 2006, has a very different perspective.

Asked whether he considers the Levitis family (Michael Levitis was given three years probation and a $15,000 fine earlier this month after pleading guilty to lying to FBI agents about a matter concerning state Sen. Carl Kruger) to be role models for the community, Kagan responded, “Not even close.”

“They are giving ammunition to the destructive myth that women in our community are calculating creatures who are only about nightclubs, bling and Botox,” Kagan said. “No doubt the show will be good for business at Rasputin, but at the cost of degrading the entire community.”

• The New York Times quotes Ari Kagan in 2005 - about clumsy attempts by Soviet authorities to decrease number of smokers

"The propaganda against it was so stupid," said Ari Kagan, who also lives in Brighton Beach and writes for the Russian weekly Evening New York. "They used to have this film that showed a horse keeling over from cigarette smoke under the message, 'A drop of nicotine can kill a horse.' People would just laugh."

Mr. Kagan continued: "Generally, smoking was a way to get over the nervous stress of just living in that place. And the ultimate symbol of another life was a pack of Marlboros. If someone happened to go abroad, a carton of Marlboros was a better gift than $1,000."

• The New York Times quotes Ari Kagan in 2009 - about the importance of ethnic media and close relationship between John Liu and immigrant reporters.

“He has already won, but he still comes to see us,” said Ari Kagan, a reporter with Vecherniy New York, a Russian-language weekly, who met Mr. Liu about five years ago during an event in the Russian community.


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