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Hurricane Sandy. A challenge and a lesson to remember

We survived Sandy, but it was not easy. We got used to have electricity and water, bread and TV shows, heat and subway, gasoline and cell phone connection. We lost all of these and many other things at once. 

We realized one more time what really matters - love and care from your closest relatives and friends, from neighbors and even from strangers.

I want to thank everybody who helped my family and many other families during these tough times.

Unfortunately, too many people are still suffering. Together with my friend Oleg Zinkovetsky we visited Coney Island and Warbasse on Friday, November 2. Wow! Can you imagine living at 20th floor of the high-rise building with no working elevators, no water or electricity, no food or phone service and no chance to get out? We saw a lot of devastated people, including seniors who were trapped in their apartments.

During the last few days I also visited tens of small businesses and homeowners at Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay. They lost money, homes, cars. FEMA offers loans to small business owners, but who needs another loan now, after losing tons of money from damaged properties?

I will actively participate in relief efforts to help the most neediest ones.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and let's keep going forward together!

Press Photos from Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn, New York, Sea Gate, Brighton, Manhattan Beach, NYC

Hurricane Sandy came to New York

Photos by Anton Oparin

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