Doctor Sergey Kalitenko. How to Find the Roots of Schizophrenia?

The roots of schizophrenia are<br> in the digestive system
The roots of schizophrenia are
in the digestive system

Doctor Sergey Kalitenko helped thousands of his patients to overcome serious diseases by offering not-very-typical treatments. He always starts with proper diagnosis that really helps to determine the right treatment. Dr. Kalitenko's philosophy is simple and highly effective: find the root cause of the problem, and treat it naturally, promote wellness and live healthy. His practice is based on anti-aging treatments and the principles of holistic and traditional medicine.

Some of his suggestions are not typical. For example, he believes the roots of schizophrenia are in the digestive system. Patients with constant difficulty to clean up their stomach can suddenly find themselves suffering from... schizophrenia. Does gut affect your brain? What you eat and how you digest the food can really relate to your brain activities.

Watch the unusual discussion by Doctor Sergey Kalitenko and Ari Kagan about the close connection between our digestive system and our brain activities.