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Brooklyn College co-sponsors anti-Israel hatefest

I participated in the press conference against the decision by Political Science Department of Brooklyn College to co-sponsor hate forum "BDS movement against Israel" оn Thursday, January 31, 2013. This press conference was organized by Dov Hikind, Assemblyman from Midwood and Boro Park.

I am very disturbed that Political Science Department at Brooklyn College is co-sponsoring on February 7, 2013, a forum "BDS movement against Israel". It is an outrage that taxpayers’ money will be used to promote hatred and anti-Semitism. BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. And we are not talking here about Iran or North Korea. This BDS movement blames ...Israel for all troubles in the Middle East, compares Israelis to Nazis, and calls Israel racist state and aggressor.

The upcoming forum will justify terror and jihad by HAMAS and Hezbollah (BDS calls them “socially progressive movements”), will advocate for boycotting Israeli goods and academics here, in the United States. It will be one sided story and attempt to brainwash students by scaring them with old allegations of Israel brutality and racism.

Brooklyn College

Why my taxes should be spending by public college for Israel bashing? Brooklyn College is located in the heart of Midwood where there are so many Jewish residents. It goes without saying that Israel is the closest ally of the United States and the only real democracy in the Middle East with 10 Arab members in Knesset, equal rights for minorities and women, and respect to human rights.

It is not about academic freedoms or freedom of speech. It is about spending our tax dollars to promote hatred toward Israel in Midwood.Brooklyn College President Karen Gould continues to insist that the sponsorship of anti-Israel forum by Political Science Department does not constitute “an endorsement” of any particular view. What a ridiculous argument!

Here is a report about the press conference by the newspaper “Five Towns Jewish Times”:

On the very same day, January 31, I also witnessed the great event at Second Home Adult Day Care Center where Russian speaking seniors donated a lot of money to Friends of Israel Defense Force. Elena Kiselman, regional director of FIDF, and Israeli Sergeant (res.) Raz Nimrodi thanked Russian Americans for their strong support of the Jewish State.

brooklyn-college-005_300 brooklyn-college-7_300

Russian speaking
Holocaust survivors

Elena Kiselman, Raisa Ronis
and Raz Nimrodi

Ari Kagan

On the picture Raisa Ronis from Second Home Adult Day Care Center gives donated money to FIDF representatives Elena Kiselman and Raz Nimrodi.


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