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Tenants are fuming about stinky building at Manhattan Beach. 301 Oriental Blvd

Super Storm Sandy affected many buildings, including this one, right across the Manhattan Beach – at 301 Oriental Blvd. When ocean water mixed up with oil in a basement, boiler was destroyed and the horrible toxic fumes forced many tenants out of their apartments. But not everybody had a place to go or money to relocate.

It took the landlord 15 days to pump out dangerous oily water from the basement. It took him even longer to restore power, heat and hot water in the building. Meanwhile, tenants were suffering from all kinds of health problems and blamed their landlord for the negligence and very slow response to the disaster.

They decided to take their case to the court.
Here are several stories in the media about their ordeal which is still not over.

Ilya Shapiro
and Irina Prirodna
Alexandra  Kravchenko
  • From (November 14, 21 and December 13):

Horrible Stench Haunts Manhattan Beach Building Following Flood

Landlords’ Unresponsiveness Delays Sandy Recovery Efforts At Apartment Buildings, Businesses

Tenants Take Toxic Smelling Building Landlord To Court

  • From Daily News (November 18 and December 11):

Stinkiest building in Brooklyn, tenants chargeFrom Daily News

Tenants from Brooklyn’s stinkiest building fight their Manhattan Beach landlord in court

Ari Kagan


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Poster: michael fried
January 9, 2013

This case has been discmissed. One tenant withdraw his case and all of the other tenants defaulted. Additionally, shockingly, you did not show up at the court appearance either. How come this is not being published on your site?
Poster: Ari Kagan
January 7, 2013

It is very unfortunate that tenants did not have enough money to pay for independent environmental review and lab tests in their building.
Poster: Michel fried
January 9, 2013

I have been told that November rent was waived for the entire building. Therefore, the tenants should have used this money to pay for lab tests which aren't that expensive. Additionally, only 1 teannt showed up at the court appearance. If this case was so important to the tenants, and their opportunity to be heard, why didn't more tenants show up? It did not cost anything to appear.
Poster: anya klein
January 20, 2013

lol seems like alot of money was changing hands between the tenants and the owner to cause most tenants to not show up. Money always wins!
Poster: Ari Kagan
January 12, 2013


It looks like you are blaming tenants for this tragedy.They are victims who suffered tremendously after Sandy. They don't have enough resources for expensive lawyers and lab tests.
Poster: Ari Kagan
January 12, 2013


It is obvious you blame tenants for all of their troubles after Sandy. You are also blaming me. You think it is very cheap to hire lawyers and to perform independent lab tests in a private building. Do you represent landlord here?

I was in that building several times and I could not spend more than 20 minutes there because of the very bad smell. After each visit I had a headache. It is not a joke, it is a human tragedy.

Stop blaming victims!
Poster: Michael
January 4, 2013

The case was dismissed against the landlord in court yesterday.
Poster: Susan Vosburgh
December 15, 2012

What can I say? Thank God for Ari Kagan.
Ari Kagan is a person who is not afraid to get involved when others have troubles. He is an energetic, ethical, professional who shows his compassion for the underdog, the ones who most probably wouldn't have anyone on their side.
He gives hope and faith to the ones he serves and for that,
I thank you, Ari Kagan.
Poster: A Kim
December 14, 2012

Somebody has to help landlords too. Tenants receive all kinds of help from FEMA and landlords probably don't get anything. It's a disaster for the Landlords as well. I am not a Landlord. But I understand that these people are not getting enough help from Authorities. And Insurance companies are neglecting everybody. AUTHORITIES have to start thinking about people who work and who pay taxes ! Landlords among them.

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